About Zizzi

Zizzi has been a significant player within the field of curvy fashion since the movement started back in 2000.

As a supplier, we never wanted to join the stigmatisation of the industry of plus size clothing. Why should curvy women settle for ordinary clothes, when other women can enjoy fashion?

The Zizzi brand is characterised by genuine passion for our consumers and their needs. For Zizzi, it has always been a question of focusing on the personality of the next generation of curvy women. Cool and curvy fashionistas embrace their figures and crave beautiful and curvy fashion.

Designing curvy fashion is no simple task. Being a supplier of fashion, Zizzi continuously interprets upcoming trends and tendencies, and combines these with knowhow about fit and choice of material, accentuating female curves. The optimal combination of these factors is the key to succeeding with curvy fashion.

With about 120 concept stores and more than 1000 sales points, we have vast knowledge and are currently conquering Northern Europe.

Zizzi is the essence of interesting collections with a wide variety of attractive products in different quality categories. Unique combinations of colours, qualities, silhouettes and details that fulfil the needs of our customers.